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Sweet Winds is the musical and vocal duo created by the initiative of the french ethnomusicologist, multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter Raphaël Parejo (short biography here), with the german female singer Lilofee (see short biography here)....
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Songs and Ballads Of Europe (and abroad)
A stunning concert This program offers a short glance into the world of mainly European oral tradition, where subjects and melodies move around centuries and large territories. Love and hate, past and present, life and...
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Some explanations about thematic concerts
Raphaël and Lilofee accumulated quite considerable material during more than five years of research on popular songs and ballads of Europe and other parts of the world, but also on compositions of singer-songwriters of the...
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And as imagination bodies forth
The forms of things unknown, the poet’s pen
Turns them to shapes and gives to airy nothing
A local habitation and a name.

William Shakespeare (A Midsummer Night’s Dream)

Sweet Winds

Sweet Winds is an amazing and stunning duet founded by the german singer and musician Lilofee and the french ethnomusicologist, poet, singer and songwriter Raphaël Parejo. They are not young lead woman and man, but confirmed artists (Raphaël plays and sing since more 50 years!). Two powerful and original voices, two good instrumentalists, and more than 5 years of investigations about european and no european ballads make the difference with others artists.

Part of their repertoire is based on their own researches in cultural anthropology, ethnomusicology and ethnology.

Raphaël Parejo

Raphaël Parejo is a french ethnomusicologist  who has investigated in France, andean countries and Basque Country. He is also a “great” traveller (scientific expeditions in South America). As researcher he is member of the French Society of Explorers and of the French Society of Ethnomusicology, and he is also a multi-instrumentalist musician and singer/songwriter, poet and photographer. Raphaël plays strings, winds, and percussions from various countries and cultures. Since 2006 he lives and works in Biscay (Basque Country) and leads various musical projects, in group, duet and solo: Möbius Sounds (The band), Sweet Winds duet with the german female singer Lilofee. As soloist he presents various programs about french songs, performing under the stage name Raphaël Vaucourte:Chansons d’en France et de la Francophonie”; “Chansons pour la route” with his own compositions, and an original one-man show combining french songs, poems and prose : À l’enseigne du Vieux K-barré. From these three programs he had selected songs to present a more flexible and generalist concert fully adaptable to more places (like cabarets, café with live music, showtime restaurants, etc.) : “Chanson française: un florilège de la chanson d’auteur et populaire“.

He handles also another musical project about latin-american traditional and non-traditional songs and musics (a part coming from his own researches and field recordings). For this musical project he has a dedicated website you can find here. To learn more about Raphaël, please refer to this page.


Lilofee is a german-born singer who lives in Bizkaia (Basque Country, Northern Spain). She is involved in the world of songs and ballads, related to the World Music Scene. She started to sing and play acoustic guitar in her teens, before dedicating herself to studies of Anthropology and later on doing research. At her return to the music her interest focuses on ballads amongst other European repertoire, with a time-range between the middle ages until the contemporary songwriters.
Besides the acoustic guitar she habitually uses as accompaniment she plays percussion instruments (especially frame drum) and some more instruments. She takes part in several music projects.

As soloist she presents a selection of german songs and ballads, as well as historical or contemporary songs, based on proper research: She presents two great song evenings (concerts): Lieder und Balladen aus germanischen Kukturräumen (Songs and Ballads of the Germanic Cultures) and Liebe, Laster, Tod – Eine Reise durch deutsche Lieder und Gedichte (Love, Vice and Death – A trip through German songs and poetry), a show combining songs and poems expressed by a narrator.

Apart from German and dialects she sings in several languages: spanish, Basque language, english and french).  She also included some scandinavian songs in her program. Besides, she offers thematic programs such songs for the german Oktoberfest and songs of german cabaret tradition, and so on. You may found more about Lilofee in its own website.

Thematic concerts


Sweet Winds presents a general program of international songs and ballads, but also thematic ones as: Drinking songs from Europe, Hallowe’en and Samhain related songs and ballads, Songs from The Seven Seas (about mariners, sailing, legends and imaginary beings related to the oceans and seas), songs and ballads about mythological and/or imaginary and supernatural beings (trolls, mermaids, lamiak, vampires, werewolves, and so on…) Songs for the Seasons, Love (and dislike) Songs and Ballads, and Songs for thinking and acting…

The themes of its thematics concerts appears analyzing the results of more than five years of investigations about ballads in Europe and America. The songs presented in the thematic concerts come in part from a straight selection of some representative songs and ballads of their general repertoire and many others from specific complementary investigation.


Last News

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